Saturday, October 13, 2007

Getting my questions ready

for the conference call. The fine citizens of Munster Nation surely recall that Peter shut me down last time, but we made nice afterwards and he assured me that this time around he'll give me my due.

Viv wants me to make some reference to the Zune 2, but I'd be wasting my time with that, so I told her no (much to her dismay, let me tell you). Nope, I'll be focusing on iPhone, and maybe even that Apple TV... the sleeping giant of the Apple arsenal.

And the eps? Look for a buck-0-fiver.


Anonymous said...

Never thought I'd call you too low. I'm guessing 1.10

Because I don't like the new nickel design

Anonymous said...

Could you ask if we're through the 'product transitions'?

Anonymous said...

Viv -- look at this.

Anonymous said...

Ask what type of return shareholders can expect on Apple's current and growing level of cash.

Ask if shareholders can expect Apple to enter a new market or market(s) in the next 18 months --i.e., gaming, etc.

Ask what Apple's enterprise plan is--will they be enterprise software compatible in the next 18 months? I recall they said they were having some large companies (Google, perhaps?) test their produts.

Can you imagine the corporate savings Apple would bring to a company if they could replace Microsoft? And can ypu imagine the return on Apple's bottom line?