Thursday, July 26, 2007

UPOD on the iPhone

So I'm looking over our channel checks, and I figure Apple is really close to already having sold iPhone number one million. Really really close. Steve must have been ticked that it wasn't in the can for yesterday.

But this is why he's so successful. Rather than say "we'll be selling our millionth iPhone within the next few days" they give themselves the rest of the quarter. This creates a little speculation, but it's worth it, because now they can give the over-deliver announcement whenever they see fit. And you can bet it will be at just the right moment.

Flippin' brilliant.

Peter, I've forgiven you for blowing me off on the CC yesterday. I got to the office and had so many voicemails from happy investors it just made all the hurt melt away. n00b analysts should really try putting some targets out there that are above the share price. It really is worth it to do your job well.

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Anonymous said...

Namaste to you Gene. Love is all you need. I only wish those damn SEC regulations didn't stop you owning AAPL yourself.

May karmic interest rates rise and reward the huge balance you're building up in your account!