Wednesday, July 25, 2007

King for a day (well, four)

Steve may be the king of Apple, but four times a year someone gets to be King for a Day.

As far as Wall Street is concerned, Papa Peter is the man this afternoon. He is the master of UPOD (under promise, over deliver), and we analysts are used to his shtick. The question on everyone's mind is how close he'll be to our collective guidance for next quarter. Just a little advice Peter... don't go under it. Make life easier for all of us.

Well anyway Peter, get your crown ready, today's your day. I'm getting my questions prepared this morning, and they're gonna have the usual mix of "praise and probe" as I like to say.

Check me out on the CC everyone!

"Our next question comes from Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray....."


Yet another steve said...

I love the way Mr. Peter never has any sympathy for analyst estimates and undercuts them in his guidance without hesitation.

And the stock always falls for the underpromise... and it should be worse this time because the stock is in much weaker hands.

But it's never that easy to make money in the market, right?

Anonymous said...

It is examination day for you and your peers, Gene. You have said what you think Apple will report this afternoon - today we find out how well YOU did.

This constant talk about whether the company meets analysts expectations is foolish. It is the job of the analyst to forecast well. The company does what it does.