Saturday, July 21, 2007

What's all the fuss about Cramer?

So last night I'm getting emails about Cramer saying "sell aapl." I don't watch Cramer but Judy from my office records it so I gave her a call. She said that Cramer advised "taking a little off the table" before earnings on the 25th. Well, that's not a sell it's just trading around a core position, says Judy. OK, so why all the fuss?

Well of course the fuss is that, while most people say that "Cramer doesn't move the markets" they are worried that he will. But with aapl, why worry? Plus, when you sell a little now and then so you can buy that vacation home or yacht, there's nothing wrong with that, right? Was that a sell or were you just rewarding yourself a bit? Aapl is going to pull back now and then, that's actually good for the stock. Hey and a lot of the time folks are using their aapl gains to buy.... you guessed it, Apple stuff.

Oh, and one more thing. I'm getting emails asking me to call or otherwise give personal investment advice. Friends, I just can't do that. If you want to meet with me you'll need to contact the office (see And some of you need to look at the address bar of your browser right now and think very carefully about what you see there. That's all I'll say.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

You're right about using gains to buy Apple stuff. Every time the stock goes up I celebrate by buying something at the Apple Store. With yesterday's gains that you gave us (thanks, by the way) I bought another iPhone, and frankly, I only needed one. The gain was so great yesterday (thanks, again, really) that I went to Best Buy and bought some Apple stuff that I also have no use for.

If the stock goes up on Thursday as much as I think it will (and I'm counting on your help here), I'm going to rent a U-Haul, and back it up the Apple Store and tell them to fill it up.

Yet another steve said...

Cramer was bullish on AAPL through last year's 1st half declines (based on the quality of the company)... then lost faith near the bottom.

He might have been awesome in his hedge fund days, but today he's just like a typical fund manager... can't beat the market because he IS the market.

It's good to be a small investor who can trade against the sheep. =)