Sunday, July 22, 2007

I got something you can manipulate, pal

So my buddy Shawn emails me to let me know that this character is accusing me of stock manipulation.

M a n i p u l a t i o n.


Dude, I titled this article just for you. Read it now then I'll continue....

While the other n00bs are busy sitting on price targets that you can't even see in the rear view mirror, I'm actually doing some work. Or maybe you missed this little springtime tidbit from my buddy Richard Gardner:

“While we continue to like Apple’s long-term growth opportunity, we see little more than market returns in the shares from current levels,” he writes. “We would be buyers on a pull back to around $90 and believe that summer seasonality, less favorable component pricing and lack of news during the next several months may provide such an opportunity.”

Gardner actually raised his price target on the stock today to $110, from $105.

But hey what do I know, right?

Ant & Sons submits: Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has stuck his neck out quite a few times when it comes to making predictions on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL). He made a big call in 2004 and was the first on the Street to say that Apple could move to $100 per share on strong iPod sales. And now he's doing it again.

That's not manipulation brother, that's doing my job. I see where Steve is going with things, and then I actually share the good news. Seen my job title? Senior Research Analyst.

Let the big dog eat.


ped said...

Nice try, Fake Gene. But next time you try to skewer a critic, better make sure you've read what they've written, not what your buddy Shawn thinks they've written.

If you were as big a dog as you think you are, you wouldn't need to pull these one-two media punches to make sure people are still watching you. --Philip Elmer-DeWitt

Anonymous said...

DeWitt questions the timing of Munster's releases on AAPL. In fact, Munster does not control the timing, as he works for PJ and these releases go through the higher-ups (senior analyst is good, but even he has bosses) who decide timing of media releases (and that usually depends on how long the stuff sits in their in boxes). Hey, even JPM is reviewing analyst releases before they go public in this post-Chang era.