Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Apple stops giving guidance

Yep. That's what happened today. Papa Peter's guidance was so absurd we're officially not paying attention to it. A bunch of us were texting each other during the CC and agreed. Basically we're insulted.

Not too happy with the way Tim and Peter treated me during the call either. Basically gave me squat. Who took a stand for you dudes last week? Where's the love?


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Anonymous said...

Hey Gene, don't go looking for respect from the Apple brass, the noobs or the financial press. They all are using you, Gene, and shamelessly so.

HERE is where you will find respect Gene. From the common man. From time to time we take a little money out of the family cookie jar and invest in AAPL based on what YOU say.

If you tell us tomorrow the target price is $225, we'll just take a little more out of that cookie jar. And someday, when you tell us to, we are going to sell our AAPL shares, and buy ourselves a friggin BAKERY.

Get some rest, Gene. It's been a heluva week.