Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why I'm a success

Few things have had as profound an impact on my life as the nuns at the University of St. Thomas. Remember the Penguin from the Blues Brothers? She wouldn't have lasted two days with these sisters. No joke, I've still got the scars. Here's a shot from my sophomore year:

Anyway, even though they were pretty rough, they instilled a real work ethic in me and I've been indebted to them ever since. When Steve returned to Apple I turned them onto the stock and they started investing pretty seriously. Dedicated a whole team of sisters to running the portfolio (mostly selling puts) while the rest of them did their normal campus stuff. They took a little off the table recently and bought an island in the caribbean. Never so much as thanked me, but hey whatever.

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Anonymous said...

Bless You Gene, you're going straight to heaven.