Tuesday, July 31, 2007

iPod Can Be the Razor or the Blade, I Don't Care

Today Steve released the news that the iTunes Store just crossed the three billion mark in tune downloads. They crossed two billion in January, and 2.5 billion at the end of April. Forrester, is that a hockey stick or are you n00bs just happy to see me?

There has been much discussion about which (iPod/iTunes Store) is the razor and which is the blade. Well, the iTunes Store is neither, so as far as I'm concerned the iPod can be both.

The iTunes Store is the Apple Digital Hub.

Yep, I know that the ADH was Steve's idea for the Mac being the center of our digital universe. But think about it: Now we have iPods, iPhones, Apple TVs, Macs. Lots of ways to deal with what?


It's the media that's holding everything together for Apple. And all roads lead to the iTunes Store. It's at the center, it's the glue that bonds the entire experience. And currently that sucker is raking in over five million bucks a day, and growing.

So forget about the razor and the blade. It's old news. Apple has moved on to power shavers, and the iTunes Store is the power.


Anonymous said...


I am not accusing you of any collusion but I noticed something the last few days I wanted to ask you about. Yesterday you were on the cover of the business section of the Star Tribune (congrats BTW) and Mr. Jobs was on the cover of USA Today. (his picture was much smaller than yours though - I hope he doesn't take that personally). And then today, you're not on the cover of any news paper and neither is Steve. I know you're an objective analyst (excuse me, a senior research analyst) but for propriety sake I need to ask, is anything going on?

-John H

Karth said...

Anyone know the sales rate % wise of the NON-DRM songs? It would be very interesting to know. It would also be nice to see some HD movie downloads finally.