Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Everyone thinks they can be an Apple analyst

Look at this wreck, written by a Team Munster-wannabe.

So novice Cullen (a college sophomore) ran out of runway on takeoff and augered in.

Cullen, at this rate you'll never win a coveted position as one of my Piper Cubs.

Anyway, I'm sending this over to Andrew for analysis -- just another "new-on-the-team" test. If he doesn't use the n00b stamp on you he's fired, plain and simple.


Stan Scott said...

I guess if you're going to be wrong, you should be REALLY wrong, because at least there's some glory there, right?

Something I don't understand about these "other analysts", Gene. For months now, I've been hearing that AAPL is "priced for perfection". I heard it when AAPL was in the 120's, the 130's, and now in the 170's. Does this term actually MEAN anything? Or is it just code for "the number is really high now, and it won't go any higher"?

James Cullen said...

What an honor. Fake Gene, I can only hope that one day I'll have the... whatever the hell it takes to be a Piper Cub, and maybe even be just like you one day. All I really need to do is take the highest target on AAPL and add $10, right?

I'll be waiting for Andrew to noob stamp me, and if I can get a copy of that so I can hang it on the fridge, that'd be great.

Tommo_UK said...

James, no - all you need to do is actually write an analysis which makes sense. Then you can be just like Gene. So long as you keep on trying to be a media whore by attempting to write something insightful on AAPL, you don't stand a chance. Sorry, but kindergarten analysis doesn't cut it in the real world.. it means FA.

And that stands for Fcuk All, not Fundamental Analysis.