Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In case you weren't sure...

ANYONE can run for President.

So I get an email from Al Franken, the comedian running for Senate. He says he's got this idea, about a Franken-Munster ticket. Never mind that US Senators don't have running mates he says. He needs to be ready when Hillary gets the boot. He says he got this great idea while reading my blog, and anyway, he thinks the content is good but the writing sucks, and maybe he could send the SNL writers over and what do I think about that?

With me on his ticket, he says, his research team is sure he can win Dawson, Moose Lake, Eveleth, New Prague AND Wayzata. Then it's on to Pennsylvania Ave. post-Hillary.

"Gene, picture it: The Franken-Munster Decade!"

Now this beats all. Everybody wants to ride the Team Munster train to fame.

I rewrote Judy's job description, and over her protests she's been assigned to respond to these Munster celeb inquiries. Fortunately Andrew volunteered to lead the Paparazzi Distractor Task Force (PDTF), but only after I mentioned an alternate assignment covering Microsoft.


Anonymous said...

Campaign slogan:

Franken-Munster: So Great it's Scary

Anonymous said...

Aren't we in the Frankenmunster decade right now?