Monday, October 22, 2007

After the Bell: Domestic Squabble at the Berenstains

So the new Bernstein target ($175) reached it's expiration date faster than the milk in my refrigerator.

And rumor has it three key clients are defecting to Piper.

Even worse, Mama is threatening to move out and serve papers on Papa Sanford.

It's getting downright fugly at the Bernstein treehouse, and seriously, Sanford -- you need to stop arguing in the garage, or close the door, or something. It's like a megaphone -- the whole neighborhood can hear you.


Anonymous said...

Gene, if you up your target 25-30% (as you are saying tonight) that would be around $270. Zow!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gene, $222 ??? You've let us down big time. On the very day that Munster Nation should be having a Mardi Gras, you douse water on the whole parade with a minor target increase.

How could you do this, Gene? Apple gives you the opportunity of a lifetime to raise your target by providing guidance that is actually ahead of the Street. You should have realized that Apple is still being conservative, and the number is far below what they believe they will hit in the greatest Xmas of all time for Apple. What do you do? You join all the noobs in thinking that this guidance must be a change in strategy, and there isn't a lot of upside coming this quarter.

Gene, look yourself in the mirror this morning. Do you see a noob?

Say it aint so.

Anonymous said...

Gene, are you waiting for the Apple 10-K report with FY 2008 guidance to really take your target number up?

And, what about the contribution that cash makes to earnings...will it continue to be cash earning interest, will it be used for share buybacks, or what about getting into another new market?

Seems like there is more... look forward to your new number (post Leopard intro, post Apple 10-K filing, post UK and Germany iphone launches).

Please just don't make us wait until France launches the iphone....seems like a mid November increase could be warranted. An early Christmas present, perhaps?