Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Double Slot Pops Up with Burnt Toast

He called me on the Piper phone.

"Geno, pal, you've got to help me."

"Uh, what's up JC?"

"They're sending me burnt toast! Thousands of slices of burnt toast!"


"Yeah, Yeah. So I laid a worm on the Apple. And, can you believe it -- the lemmings sold! Then the stock went UP! All last week! The carnage! The train wrecks! You have NO IDEA! "

*cough* "Geez Jim, I can't imagine why Apple stock would go up!" (chump!)

"You have 



about the pain I'm suffering!"

"Guess not." (n00b)

"Gene, this toast thing is completely your fault! Double Slot? Double Slot? You have NO IDEA! You owe me!"


"Listen Geno, I know what you gotta do to get eyeballs. Do I ever know! But you can redeem yourself. I've got an idea."

"Redeem MY self?."

"Yeah Gene. The Apple fan club wants a rebate for the money they've lost. Can you believe it? What is it with those guys? So I noticed you're getting loads of gifts, like bowling shirts you probably can't use, duplicates even. Gene, back up the truck, you know, ship those out to me to use as rebates. You know, sort of a 'Cramer gift back' program."

"Oh. Uh, Paul took the extra bowling shirt. I can't take back Vivan's Parker pen set. And Andrew got the fruit cake."

"So what are saying? You got nothin' for Jimbo?"

"I'm saying you should make the right call on the stock next time . . . "



Anonymous said...

Anybody who takes the advice of a TV huckster over a professional analyst, like yourself, deserves what he gets.

Maybe you should do your own show: "All Apple, All the Time" :)

Anonymous said...

Burned by Cramer again! When will those noobs learn?