Saturday, October 27, 2007

You're Welcome

 Team Munster has cracked the code. OK, I was off a bit on my previous estimates of AT&T payments. But Paul tinkered with the Munster secret decoder rings, and now we've smacked it.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Gene. How do you glean the most important data from those reports? Why can't other analysts do that, and with other companies?

You stand out alone in your field. Team Munster is quickly becoming a case study in best practices/innovation in financial analysis.

Stan Scott said...

As always, Gene, much appreciated! You're head and shoulders over most of the guys following AAPL!!

I'm honestly surprised that someone hasn't written an article on how clueless so many "professional" analysts have been about AAPL. The standard out there seems to be:

1. Wait until the price is 30% over your last "target".
2. Take the current price, add 25, and round up.

Can it really be that, unless the trend line is as obvious as a Mack truck, they can't see it?

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

"Mack truck"

That's a Mac truck ;-)