Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An avalanche of upgrades

and Viv is going nuts trying to clip all the articles quoting me to add to my scrapbook. Look at the pull out quote on this one. And Franken says we need the SNL writers. Pffft.

And for those of you who think my $222 target is too low, how about a little trust and gratitude peeps?

Jeez I feel like Moses sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I get it. You'll wait until the other noobs have finished their upgrades .. . and then during a quiet period you'll up the ante.

Very, very smart. A brilliant upgrade today would just get lost in all this noob upgrade noise.


Stan Scott said...

Once again, Gene, you make those other analysts look like chumps! Unless I missed something, it seems as though Caris upgraded AAPL yesterday, before earnings, from 175 to 200, and then upgraded AGAIN today to 225.

Keep it comin'!