Monday, October 15, 2007

Nokia Strikes Out, Motorola On Deck

Look here. 

While Nokia was fretting over missing out on the foldout "clamshell" design back in 2005 (Motorola beat them to it) Apple engineers were already busy designing the Triple Lindy of smart phones.

Nokia and Motorola were looking only for fast balls, and they missed the slow curve. Zander better start cranking out a LOT more digital set top boxes to the cable industry, cause otherwise that nineteen dollars a share is looking mighty rich to this Senior Analyst.

Hellooooo Moto?

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Anonymous said...

Companies like Nokia, Motorola, Sony, et al know how to make incremental product upgrades. The old school engineering departments have been doing this for years and forcing consumers to accept these minor product changes as "new and improved!".

Remember when IBM added a correction key to their electric typewriter and it was hailed as an stunning new product?

Adding sawdust to the laundry powder and pimping up the box doesn't work anymore. The buyer is too sophisticated.