Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chapter Seventeen

Viv rushed into my office today.

"Gene! Microsoft released a new and improved Zune!"

"No kidding."

She nodded smugly. "Another chapter! Just when I was ready to submit the book."

Reader, you might recall that Viv's writing a genre-bending tome called Zuned: Another Microsoft Software Blunder.

"That's a problem Viv?"

"Not really." She shrugged. "I have to add Chapter Seventeen: Zuned Again. It will add 1,236 words."

"Uh huh." 

I expect Viv, brilliant analyst that she is, will be sucked into an endless loop for the rest of the week.

"Gene, anything you need to know about the new Zune, well gosh, I'm your woman!"

"That's a comfort to know Viv."


Anonymous said...

Is Vivian planning a sequel? I'd like to see a book on that Microsoft Ouija-board table thingy.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the Zunes? MS claims to have sold 1.2 million of them (roughly the same number as Apple has sold iPhones). iPhones are everywhere, but not Zunes.

Is it a case of BS from MS?????

Bubbler said...

Hey Gene:

You should check out a post about AAPL and RIMM over on Digg! Great analysis - it is very much like your own work. The link is