Monday, October 15, 2007

Fake Vlogging?

Paul is on my case about vlogging. Blogging is so 2005, he insists. Visual stimulation is where it's at, he says.

Me? Visually stimulating?

Well no, Paul chokes out, it's the pie charts and graphs that'll knock 'em dead.

So he shows me a couple of poser analysts droning on youtube, and fer sure, they are lacking Munster-type charisma. And then he shows me what that guy Pogue is doing at New York Times. Great stuff. But they're a media outlet I say. They've got an on-site $6 million post production studio. Besides, Pogue has real writers.

Well we've got Viv, says Paul.

OK Paul, but my ties are light-years better, and you know I'm NOT dumbing down on the ties (a senior analyst has to draw the line somewhere).

I mention we'd have to get the idea cleared through the higher ups. That'll take five years. Paul retorts that since Andrew is handling the paparazzi he can do battle with Mr. Piper and Mr. Jaffray. Not a problem, he says.

I just don't have time for it, I argue.

But Paul has covered that base too. "Gene, you can fake vlog during your daily fake commute, you know, while doing your fake driving."

He gave me this "how to" video on it. I have to admit one thing -- it does make good use of the neighborhood kids.

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