Monday, October 22, 2007

How'd I do?

Munster Nation knows that my whisper number was a buck-o-fiver. Not bad eh?

CC went OK. Notice how I just kept asking questions until she cut me off? I figure "hey I'm the the guy that paves the way for you guys so I'm just gonna keep firing."

Didn't get squat from Peter on the revenue sharing. Bastards are cloaking it with accessory revenue. At least I got a little color on the Best Buy numbers.

Guidance for next quarter? What guidance? It's still lowballing. Now think about that.

Rejoice, Munster Nation.

P.S. How ya doin' there Shaw Wu?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Munster Nation Party Time!!

Stan Scott said...

So when can we expect you to raise YOUR number, Gene?