Saturday, October 27, 2007

Leopard Weekend Channel Checking

So last night I installed Leopard on my iMac at home. As they say at Staples that was easy.

The main reason I wanted to have Leopard running today was so I could use iChat Theater for the weekend channel checking with Team Munster. I've got an image of the Piper office behind me now when I'm at home. And of course I've got the knockout tie on (with the boxers that no one can see below the desk). Man I love working from home, and iChat Theater makes it all the easier.

Anyway turns out that I didn't even get to fire up iChat cause the team could not get near a dang computer at any of the Minnesota Apple Stores! They were packed to the gills! Viv tried to get a little kid to give up an iMac at one point, but he kicked her right in the shins!

In any case, things are looking.... well, huge for Leopard, and therefore, ├╝ber-huge for Munster Nation.

P.S. Dear Shaw, time for a new target, and quick.

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Anonymous said...

Nice behind the scenes color on how you work Gene but the boxer shorts thing might be a little too much information.