Thursday, November 29, 2007

What would Mac-Gyver do?

Even though he grew up on the wrong side of the river, I've been a loyal fan of St. Paulie boy Richard Dean Anderson for, like, forever. Anderson played secret agent Angus MacGyver on a popular TV series, which featured his use of brains -- not brute force or violence -- to extricate himself from danger. In a recent survey Americans were asked which fictional hero they'd like to have at their side during an emergency, and MacGyver was the top choice (27%), followed by Indiana Jones (16%). Anyway, mathematics and scientific knowledge are the way we roll here at Piper too. Twenty-five feet of dental floss, a stopwatch, and the basic laws of physics can save any day.

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Anonymous said...

Take away the blow dry hair style and you look like MacGyver's brother . . .which side of the river is the wrong side? I forget.