Monday, November 26, 2007

Physical Forces Favor Apple Store, But It's Not Gravity

Viv made me say "gravitational pull" even though I wanted to tell the truth (and thank goodness for this blog, where I don't have to be politically correct) about the massive centrifugal force being exerted by other stores in those malls.

What we really observed: Shoppers were actively being thrown away from other establishments (and the outward force was strongest at stores selling PCs with Vista). Judy said it was like the force that tosses bodies in a car against the outside door as it swerves around a corner, except in this case they were being tossed into the Apple stores.

Internally we're calling it the "Vista whirl and puke", because it mimics forces encountered on popular carnival rides.

No kidding, Andrew claims he saw actual physical symptoms -- bruises, weak knees, nausea, and indigestion, but relief was immediate when the shopper entered an Apple store.


Anonymous said...

Genie, they are repelled from other stores because there are NO other cool products.

It's gravity AND centrifugal force.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gene, I don't like the part about not everyone who goes into the store is buying something.

Apple needs to tweak the force just a bit so the wallet always comes out of the pocket.

Perhaps a little subnotebook? A tablet? Another $100 off the iPhone?