Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shawn has me on the show

Shawn asked me to be on the Your Mac Life Show again. Gave the details behind Team Munster's iPhone revenue sharing estimate. 15% of Apple's profit in two years time. How's that work for y'all? Also gave some scoop on the Team Munster channel checking, including Viv's snooping techniques (she's fluent in Mandarin) at the Soho store.

Check it out.

I also had this quote all planned out, and dropped it in perfectly: 

Two years ago when you bought a mac you had to explain to your friends what you were doing, and today when you buy a PC you have some explaining to do.

God that's good stuff, I must say. And hey Shawn, aapl will close at $205 in November pal.


Shawn King said...

I was wondering why "you" couldn't say that on the show. :)

Anonymous said...

"aapl will close at $205 in November pal"

Finally! A REAL money quote!