Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm thankful for so very much.

Like chump analysts.

You bet, the clueless guys out there who make me look really good, even Double Slot. Sure, he's got a good gig going in the churning business, but he leaves a load of rotting bodies in his wake. And that's the basic difference between us. My wood chipper is for chipping wood.

I'm thankful for surveys that show 90% of Windows users are scared spitless about migrating to Vista, and 44 percent are considering a move to Macs. Of course I already knew this, but a little third-party confirm action to kick up my annual performance rating feels shamelessly good.

I'm also thankful for the sour grape rants spewing from old-guard company execs as they thrash helplessly, attempting to compete with Apple. Thanks to these guys I effortlessly add the qualitative color to my quantitative analysis, thus completing my masterwork of desperation facing off against brilliant innovation.

You bet, and thanks go to that guy who invented the fake blogging genre. Also thanks to Team Munster (Judy, Vivian, Paul, Andrew) because they make me look good every day, and thanks to all you readers who are growing your wealth and securing your retirements and building futures for your families.

Have a great holiday!

P.S. Thanks for the invite

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Anonymous said...

Loved this post and reference to Fargo.