Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paul Gets in a Fight with Troy

So Paul logs onto iChat from his SF hotel, and for a second I wonder if Apple has added a new effect to iChat Theater called "Black Eye."

Me: Uh, Paul, you OK?

Paul: Great Gene! Never better actually, why do you ask?

Me: Well, that left eye of yours is looking a little... different.

Paul: Oh that. Yeah well I sorta got sucker punched last night.

Me: OK.....

Paul: Well, I was out at one of the local techie watering holes last night, and who do I see lurking but Troy Wolverton. He was wearing shades.... trying to lay low and pick up some scoop I suppose. So anyways I call him over to the bar. One thing leads to another, and next thing I know he pops me one as I was reaching for my beer.

Me: Wow, Paul that's awful. What did you say to him that ticked him off?

Paul: Oh, just the truth. You know, how he is desperate for readers so he constantly makes stuff up about Apple... and maybe something regarding his mother not being married, I dunno.

Me: Well, I'm sorry you got hurt.

Paul: Oh don't worry about it Gene, I'm fine, really. Troy however might be... well, he might be staying home for a while.


Paul: Gene I had to defend myself! I'm not sure exactly what I did anyway Gene. Your training just sort of takes over, ya know? He was on the ground pretty quickly, wailing like a stuck pig.... mighta been a few teeth laying about. 

Me: Ohhh.

Paul: But that's not all! When his glasses came off someone else shouted, "hey it's that bastard Wolverton" and all these tech nerds dragged him into the bathroom for a half hour's worth of swirly treatment. And everyone starting buying me drinks. I had a great night!

Me: Well Paul, I'm glad you're OK. Maybe you should just get the next flight home.

Paul: Are you kidding? I'm a hero out here now! And people are talking! With any luck someone will help me get inside One Infinite Loop.

Me: OK, no more talking to reporters!

Paul: Who said anything about a reporter boss? -grins-

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