Monday, November 5, 2007

It's a boy, no it's a girl...oh wait, it's an android!

You guessed it. This newly-announced Google phone operating system wreaks havoc with Viv's book plan. Viv says robots don't have G-spots. Of course this spells doom for her debut in the new Business/Erotica category.

So Viv's been thrown into another infinite loop. Now she's saying they deliberately changed the name to stymie her efforts. And she's peeved because I mentioned the book here on the blog, and she's convinced that's how it all leaked to Google management.

You bet, my Samarai team skills are working to mitigate the productivity loss for Team Munster this week.

Anyway, suggestions from readers with experience in like situations would be greatly appreciated. She was mumbling something about me sleeping with my eyes open....


Anonymous said...

!!!! Viv = Brilliant !!!!

Get it Gene???? She speaks in metaphors. Viv's saying Google isn't even trying for the sweet spot (Apple already has it), and Androids have no humanity, and that's the code for just like Microsoft.

Viv's telegraphing so much here . . . . Google And Roids. Just who is the robot in the relationship??

I've always suspected Viv as the real brains behind Team Munster.

Finally some proof.

Give that woman a promotion!

Anonymous said...

Android is a clear sign of how truly desperate the cell phone makers (Motorola, Nokia, Palm) are to compete with iPhone. They have nothing inhouse. They are at the mercy of the OS marketplace. That used to mean Windows mobile but Vista's failure has only tainted the brand further. What a mess.

Hot brand Google might not produce a phone OS much better than Windows (but how could it be worse?) but at least there will be the perception of 'better' because it isn't called Windows.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the android next to the thyroid? Or does it bump against the tonsils?