Thursday, November 8, 2007

Enderle Group death watch begins and assorted Team Munster news items

So Andrew leads the Trademarked Catch-Phrase Patrol (TCPP), but of course that's when he's not working the Paparrazi Distractor Task Force, and he found this article with a quote from a poser named Rob Enderle, where the guy says "the Google phone is a game changer". Munster Nation is initiating a class action suit.

Paul landed in San Francisco yesterday afternoon. He'll be using SF as a base. I told him to check out the Apple Store. He says there's a spy store he wants to check out as well.

Viv thinks she can still salvage her Google book. She plans to spin the 33 partners deal into a read that's steamier than a Finnish sauna.

And Judy's right -- the market is cattywampus.

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Anonymous said...

Viv needs to write more business/horror books. "Your Money: Massacre or Meltdown"