Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cough: iPhone to cannibalize Mac sales.

Looking back through old scans I found this chump analysis, posted four months ago. You bet, I don't see a followup explaining why Mac sales are through the roof post-iPhone release. And he doesn't think iPhone competes with cell phones, because he overheard "a vice president of a rather large supposedly best cellular network" saying so.

Does anybody really listen to these noobs?

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Stan Scott said...

Well, I think it's iPods, not Macs, but you're right, Gene. I had to laugh last week when Reuters reported that (unnamed) "industry executives" doubted whether Apple could bring the iPhone to China quickly.

Uh, they asked Apple's COMPETITORS about that? What did they THINK those guys were going to say?

Being an "industry analyst" is a breeze, if no one ever goes back to read your PREVIOUS predictions to see how you did! Why, you could keep making predictions forever, couldn't you? :)