Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Paul Becomes Mayor of Cupertino

OK, he's more like the honorary mayor, but still.

Decking Troy Wolverton earned Paul the undying gratitude of Apple city. The locals, mostly Apple employees, are doing some hearty backslapping while buying him drinks and offering their women. OK, so maybe not the women thing (Paul exaggerates -- even without the black eye he isn't exactly a comely guy), but it's darn good, or so he says in today's report.

Even better, he's finally getting some real data, says he's hearing chatter about the sub notebooks, stuff like this Asus . Do you think they could replace that Asus logo with an Apple and load on the Leopard? Heck, it's already white like the Macbook.

Anyway, Paul hears this will sell for around $400 to $700. At this price, and the two pound weight (highly-portable), schools might even buy into providing one for each child.

Oh, and the Google phone thing -- just noise.

Anyone seen anything from Troy lately?

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