Monday, August 13, 2007

Well I Did It

Bought the new 24" iMac. Wasn't even a fair fight. Practically had the plastic out of my pocket the second I walked back into the mall.

Got it home and went through the standard Apple Unboxing Ceremony. Captured the whole thing to video so I can use the new iMovie and put the whole thing up to iWeb for my friends to see.

Problem is, the iMac still stares me down and calls to me. I was sort of hoping that would stop when I bought it, but no. The thing is like a male Golden Retriever for god's sake. It sits pretty quietly when I'm in the same room with it (as long as I glance at it now and then), but if go anywhere else it starts calling to me.

Geeeeene. Geeeeeeeeene let's make a movie or sumthin. Geeeeeene.

So Vivian was surprised to see me walking into work with it this morning. What? I said. It's not that heavy.

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Anonymous said...

Dat's ok Gene. I attached my Eagle Cuda Sonar Fishfinder 128 to my new iMac. Hey, I'm out on Tonka with my new rig today. Join me for Walleye later?