Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Get Your Waders On

About once a year aapl goes through a sell off. It can be set off by a variety of things, but once it starts you see an increasing number of negative articles in the press as it descends. The last phase is a big influx of fud. Looks like that's coming.

So get your waders on aapl investors, and don't let the currents knock you over.


Anonymous said...

The end of the fud tail sports headlines such as "iPods Linked to Breast Cancer" and "No Earthquake Disaster Plan in Cupertino: Apple to Sink into Ocean".

oscar said...

That's good to know. The way it's been dropping I thought maybe it was just a big giant hedge fund that was slowly liquidating its assets. Like maybe they had financed too many ipod purchases on a 2 and 28 plan, and now the purchasers were having trouble coming up with the monthly payments on that $299 debt. Notice our buddy Scott Moritz has been silent of late. Maybe he'll put in a bottom for us.