Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Herb, it's Over

Herb got himself on cnbc this morning. He's been pounding the table this week with this incredibly big news: Apple is selling more iPods than ever, but the growth was greater years before when they went from a few people owning them to a lot more people owning them.

Brilliant. Funny how growth and sales work like that.

I thought maybe there was a hidden message there, so I ran his interview through Google Translator, and I got this:

"No one is paying attention to me, so maybe if I say something about Apple I can get some face time."

Ah, OK I get it now. Herb listen I think you need to visit, and soon.


Anonymous said...

Enderle and Dvorak are trying to reinvent themselves lately too. I heard they're reading this blog.

oscar said...

I like Herb, he always looks so dapper. I think he's finally figured out though, that apples probably not a good short.