Wednesday, August 8, 2007

DVDs are the Next 8 Track

Listen carefully to Steve during the event yesterday:

  • iMovie produces movies for direct publishing to the web at higher resolution than DVD
  • Push your movies directly to YouTube, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod
  • "No more sending DVDs to friends and grandma"
He spent all of about thirty seconds on iDVD because "There are still some people who want to make DVDs." Sure sounds like Apple considers DVD to be on its last legs.


"We'll have some news for the Apple TV soon."

Vivian says I'm nuts, but seriously, when was the last time you made a DVD? I'm a film making buff, and even I find myself doing it less and less.

QuickTime may be the killer app after all.


Anonymous said...

Last time I burned a DVD was back when I was actually burning CDs of iTunes to use in my car.

No more cracked jewel cases all over the floor of my car.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gene, supposedly somebody asked Steve why there isn't HD or Blu-Ray in these puppies, and his reply was something like "With our platform who needs physical media?".

About three months ago we moved all of our CDs out of the entertainment room into the basement.

Next year we plan on doing the same for the DVDs.

Who needs physical media?