Monday, August 6, 2007

I'll be honest... it hurts

I'm sure some of you in Munster Nation have last names that are convenient targets for jokes. Those of you from the Butts, Sweat, or McCracken clans are just a few that can relate.

You can imagine how cruel school kids can be when you grow up during one of America's most popular TV shows. I don't think I went through a single week of school without being called Herman. At first I sort of liked it because I really did enjoy the show. Of course eventually it got to me.

I figured when I left for college at St. Thomas that the joke would fade. Well that began the phase whereby people call you a name and think they are the first to come up with it. "Hey Herman Munster!" Yeah, brilliant dude. How did you think of that?

I thought for sure when I entered the professional world that the joke was over, but no, bloggers still think they are coming up with such a unique twist on my name. Amazing.

The truth of the matter is, all along I've secretly wished to be compared to my real hero, the guy that shares the same first name as me. Now Munster Nation knows my secret. I trust you'll guard it carefully.

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Anonymous said...

Those bloggers are just jealous!

You wouldn't be related to the cheese?