Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Starbucks' Extreme Makeover

It's today's office pool (courtesy of Judy).

What will Howard Schultz, comeback Starbucks CEO, do to "re-ignite the emotional attachment with customers"?

My choices are:

A) No brainer stuff: Shut down underperforming stores (Shhh. We've saturated the market for pricey lattes, but don't tell the shareholders)
B) Low risk: Offer hand waxing, back waxing, pedicure, or other spa "mini-services" with each purchase of two beverages
C) Medium risk: Free windshield wash and tire air pressure check at the drive thru window
D) Big Time Risky: Replace Tall, Grande and Venti with Small, Medium, Large beverage size choices
E) Huge innovation: Offer free internet access instead of T-Mobile restricted

There's also an "other" (recommend your own makeover idea) category. Anyway we don't cover SBUX, so I'm thinking of investing a dollar here. I'd appreciate any Munster Nation ideas.


Anonymous said...

Provide access to iTunes video rentals, probably via kiosks, especially in its airport stores.

Thisson said...

Extremely risky but guaranteed to earn big profits: SELL CIGARETTES!

Anonymous said...

I dunno Gene. I never had an emotional attachment to a $4 expresso. I save all my love for my Mac.