Sunday, January 6, 2008

CES=School Science Fair, or Apple Third-Party Show?

From Paul...

Hey Gene, decided to rent a car a drive to the CES. I took a walk around yesterday, and let me tell you it's bleak Gene. The stuff looks old. Fujitsu has a tablet out that looks like the Pismo! Remember that Powerbook? Here look:

So where does that put the designers.... about seven years behind Apple? Yikes. Actually I think the Pismo still looks better, don't you? But hey at least that's more up to date than Grundig. They've got a "new" shortwave radio out.

There's a bunch of little robots and helicopters all over the place. The whole thing reminds of my grade school science fair. On the plus side, it's starting to become more of a showcase for third party Apple stuff from companies that want to reach folks who might not go to macworld. Here, check this out:

Gates is speaking tonight. I guess it's his last time. They've been trying to paper the hall all day to get him an audience.

Well, that's it Gene. I'll let you know if I spot anything good that isn't somehow related to Apple. Not looking too likely though. Hey maybe they'll just change the name next year to the Apple Peripherals Show (APS).


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Anonymous said...

Apple peripherals show! Love it.