Friday, January 4, 2008

Doug, Doug, Doug

Pop Quiz time Doug Kass, based on your oh-so-bearish article.

So, what do the PC companies do? Probably add lower prices to new features. Macs are expensive. A recession is probably coming. "Cool" may be nice, but not when a consumer can't afford it.

Which is tougher: (a) reversing your loss of market share with wannabe products that can't get any cheaper because your margins are already stretched too thin, or (b) going from 5% market share to 10% with the best computers and added-value software in the world?

Did you pay any attention to what was happening in December? For God's sake man, pay attention during the next two weeks. More strikeouts at CES, and then Steve will step to the plate with the bases loaded.


Anonymous said...

Kass and Enderle's neanderthal brains are sadly ill-suited for success in this century.

Two examples of why we need genetic engineering.

Anonymous said...

Except PCs aren't cheaper... unless you count completely stripped down models which Apple doesn't bother with because they aren't profitable.

I had the experience of buying a PC that I wanted cheap -- just the minimum to run Vista. The box was around $450. But in the end I not only needed Vista, I needed to upgrade it to ultimate, and I spent nearly $700.

The equivalent "low end" mac with all its OS bells and whistles is the mac mini... $599.

All the really cheap Vista boxes contain Vista "Home basic" which doesn't even include its full graphic system. I mean, why not an OLPC???