Saturday, January 12, 2008

Don't Panic, Munster Nation

The guy at the Star Tribune tried to paraphrase what I said and, well, what can I say? He gets it wrong sometimes. Viv reminds me that any publicity is good publicity. Right. Here's the article. Anyway, please visit these guys at MacWorld. They're from North Dakota. They need your support.

So there's a line where Lee writes, "Munster says he finds it odd that Ntractive would target such a small market" (small businesses on Macs). What I really said was "I find my iPod attractive and the competition targets such a small market." You see how things get messed up in these dang phone interviews. In their defense, the Strib cut their staff a while back and they're doing their reporting on the cheap. What can I say except that he did follow it with a statement about how Apple market share is growing. But then again, he also omitted my money quote: '' Microsoft Vista is a dog that don't hunt."

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