Saturday, December 1, 2007

Googling Redefined

So Vivian limped through her latest writer's block episode and continues work on her Business-Erotica book, now renamed Googled: A Tale of gPhones and gLust at the gSpot .

New intel from Paul sparked Viv's latest theory about why they'd be using a contest to lure outside Android developers. He says the rumor runs that their software developers lack focus --- are prone to indiscriminately googling each other -- so anyway, it was too risky to have a critical, groundbreaking system like Android developed inhouse. Not only does this behavior create a revolving door, but heck, one strategically placed STD and the enemy could take out the entire place for months, maybe years.

On the bright side, Paul gripes that Apple runs a Sunday school outfit.

That's all good news for Munster Nation. My $250 target is sustainable.

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Anonymous said...

Gene! Google's thinly veiled inhouse "do no evil" anti-debauchery campaign isn't working !!!!!

Did Paul update his vaccinations before going out there? Here's some additional safety info. Is he getting additional hazard zone pay?