Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shaw, I'm not gonna lie: you disappoint me

(Note: Originally posted in October, but since Shaw has seemingly taken my words to heart I thought I'd repost.)

Though he's been trying to get better, every now and then Shaw Wu comes up with something that makes you say.... HUH?

So here's the latest:

But for December, the Street’s view is too high at $8.6 billion and $1.38; Wu thinks it’s more like $8.1 billion and $1.25. “For the December quarter, we believe AAPL will most likely continue its tradition of conservative guidance to help reign in unrealistic expectations,” writes Wu.

Shaw, are you the only one still playing the cat and mouse game with Papa Peter? The rest of us are going it alone. Find me the last time Apple didn't beat the Street after issuing the lowballed guidance.

So you think Apple's gonna say $1.25...big deal. The point is, what do you think they're really going to make? 

Hint: It's going to be higher than the $1.38 Shaw. So how is $1.38 "unrealistic?" You following this?

And dude...$185? C'mon.

Gonna have to consider re-issuing n00b status on you pal. You're slipping.


Stan Scott said...

Gene, Gene,

Try to be patient with analysts less enlighted about Apple than you are, which seems to be practically everyone, I know.

Kudos, though, for overlooking his grammatical gaffe: yes, it's "rein in", not "reign in". I doubt I would have been able to do it.

Anonymous said...


Shaw Wu isn't half what you are in brilliance, sophistication and integrity.

He's been behind the curve on Apple for years . . . months back he said he'd be a buyer of AAPL at $69 a share and it never backed down to that level.

Glad I wasn't listening to him!