Monday, December 24, 2007

Apple goes after Coach

So when Coach sat down last year to map our their 2007 holiday strategy, do you think they saw Apple as a competitor? Probably not. But such is the power of the iPod.

"Spending on luxury items is up 10.8 percent, “which isn’t bad at all,” Mr. McNamara said. Purchases of electronics rose a healthy 5.8 percent."

So now even the fashion industry has to figure out how to compete with Apple. And I gotta admit, I have no idea how they can do it. Who's next, the oil companies? I don't think anyone is beyond Apple's reach at this point.

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Anonymous said...

Fake Gene, another brilliant point. It's a zero sum game when it comes to capturing consumer dollars. PJ's earlier survey on teens was indicating the same phenomenon . . . fewer dollars being spent on clothing so that more dollars could be diverted to consumer electronics (iPods). I appreciate your corroborating data here . . .