Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Missing 'One More Thing" --- Because You Need to Go Straight to God

I know, I know. it's hard to keep up with my iPhone sales
predictions. You're saying, "Gene, is it 13,500 a day in the US, or
is it 27,000? And then today I suddenly add 3,750 more in the UK. So
now you're anxiously waiting for my estimates for Andorra, Gibraltar,
and Easter Island, not to mention the microdata for Owatonna and thatplace in western Ireland.

This is for you, because you're tired of the frantic searching, day
in and out, at the seedy CNBC and Street.com brothels.

You all wondered what the latest 'missing button' was. Well you heard it
here first.

Munstercast (TM). Take that Cramer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Munstercast alerted me to the Indian boutique manipulation today.

You're the bestest!