Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dread filled my heart and my palms ran with sweat

The email announced that a new PiperExpress workstation has been ordered to replace my current leased workstation.

I’ve been to hell before. Everytime a new PeeCee shows up I’m down for at least a week. Yah, I bet it will be another snazzy grey or black “corporate” model.

It is recommended that you run the migration process at the end of the day. Due to fluctuations in data size and network traffic the migration process can take up to several hours to complete. Laptop Users: Please only attempt to run the migration process from your docking station at Piper.”

I work from home! I travel! You guys have any idea why we have laptops?

“In order for you to receive your new workstation you will need to close all open applications and click the Migration Tool button below within the next 24 hours. Failing to close applications could result in data not being transferred to new PC."

You betcha. Exactly what happened last time. The migration tool failed. Twice. Four days without a computer. I’m a Senior Financial Analyst, not some n00b! What are they thinking in IT? During that nightmare episode I had to have Paul spend a day transferring the files manually.

Hasn’t anyone in Piper IT ever owned a Mac? Apple solved the migration issue years ago.

I guess Paul will have to earn his pay again.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a pic of 1970's vintage samsonite hardshell luggage.