Saturday, September 29, 2007

Did I mention I love this job?

It was a great week to follow the Piper to wealth.

Apple stock rose $9.32. Did I mention I have a $211 target on it? (n00bs, take note... please)

Even better -- Paul finished the migration to my new PiperExpress workstation in a record 4 days. And it's a darn good thing, because he'll spend the next week opening all the gifts and cards piling up in the office.

Here's a sample:

Dear Gene,

Lute's down at the bank, meeting with Ed about the 32 cent difference between the checkbook and the bank statement. So, anyhoo, I've got a minute to send off this thanks. This morning I peeked at my Piper account online. I see we've gained $213,383.52 this last week. That's right nice Gene. Just last Sunday Lute was talking about giving $268.17 to Our Savior's for the roof repair fund. I 'm pretty sure we can do that and rest easy.

Many thanks Gene. Please accept the enclosed 100% polyester monogrammed Gamper's Food Liquor and Bowling shirt. Really, it's nothing!


Nellie and Lute Olson
Moose Lake, MN

Yes, it is good to be me.

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Anonymous said...

Gampers: where the drunken bowling can't be beat.

You DO have a great job!