Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ask Team Munster (TM)

Q: How are Shaw Wu and Apple alike?

A: They are both all over the map

Am Tech's chump analyst downgraded AAPL to "hold" and lowered his target just ahead of the April 23rd earnings announcement. Six weeks later he suddenly upped his rating to 'Buy' and set a $210 target on the stock. Here's the psychiatric profile on Wu, and it's from a blogging source you can trust. With a name like Zach Bass you know he's at least a quarter Minnesotan.

So how is Apple all over the map? Check this out.


Zachary Bass said...

Hey Fake Gene, you're doing the Lord Steve's work! You showed up on my Google analytics, so I thought I'd give you a shout out.

-zach "the doctor is in" bass

Alaskans for Gene said...

Obviously Wu is a bit schizo, but you can't expect everyone to be as solid as Gene. Let it be said - there is only 1 Gene Munster. He is a man among boys as an analyst and at the gym.