Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You're Welcome

Did you see me raise the average IQ by two hundred points on the Fast Money set? Heh. Just being on that show is a risk to my reputation . . . how about that Wallenda remark from Macke the Knife? Uff Duh.

You probably wonder about my connection with the Taiwanese suppliers. Let's just say it's good business to have a hot female Chinese language speaker on the team (thanks Viv). She rocks in Minnesotan too. Never, ever underestimate the Minneapolis-Asian connection. Northwest Orient is headquartered here. Go ahead, Google it. They dropped the Orient but we've been making tracks to Asia better and faster than anybody since the 60's.

One more thing to consider. Remember when Apple lowered the price on iPhone and customers threatened a nasty brawl? The rebates?
This time could they be selling off existing stock to give the market a little breathing room? Think about it. When the 3G is released Apple will sit in the fast innovation penalty box for five minutes vs. getting run over by the zamboni again. Staying ahead of the puck. That's what this is about.

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